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Friday, 12 April 2013

West Cambie Children's Centre Ribbon Cutting

You may have read THIS article in the Richmond News today.

We need to correct the information that while the child care centre is substantially completed it is NOT finished, is NOT opening now and we do NOT yet have an opening date.

At the moment the Developer is completing the interior, the City is reviewing the requirements for occupancy, cubbies and playgrounds need to be installed, and a license has to be granted to operate.

These activities will take another couple of months at least.

We are still hopeful it will be open this Summer (2013) but it looks to be closer to September at this point.
April 11, 2013
As soon as a date is confirmed we will open the waitlist.  Until then we suggest you get on the SRCC waitlist as those on it will be given priority for the new spaces at West Cambie (12 infant/12 toddler/25 3-5's and preschool to start - Out-of-school care may start later).

Please call Nicky 604-214-3490 if you have any questions on the development.

For waitlist please call Jennifer at 604-231-0870