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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

YOU are invited

 Well not YOU exactly ... but your child is invited.....daily.

Each day when Educators arrive and set up the room for your arrival, they thoughtfully set up invitations in the space - either indoors and/or outdoors.

There is a vast difference between opening a storage closet and grabbing some puzzles and putting them on the table versus thoughtfully and purposefully gathering specific materials to set up an invitation for children to engage with.

It's not that puzzles or other toys are "wrong" - it's that the invitation to the children is rote or vague and not necessarily consistent with their current interests or investigations.

A thoughtful invitation is put together by Educators working collaboratively to offer the children an opportunity to either think more deeply about something they have been expressing interest in, to offer them a new perspective on something or to help them experience a different aspect of the topic.  

Invitations are also used to catch children's attention to encourage their use of new materials or areas of the room that they may usually ignore or avoid. 

Children have a great appreciation of aesthetics and they, like us, are drawn to beauty so beautiful invitations to do art or create with loose parts encourage them to discover new skills and make new connections.

We invite YOU to observe the invitations set up in your program and to begin a dialogue with the Educators about their intention behind what they offer to the children.  Your insight and perspective on what your children are interested in and curious about can inform the programming we offer the children.

My thanks to West Cambie Preschool for all these lovely set-ups I sneak in and photograph after they leave for the day....I am often tempted to stay and play!