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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Game Day

As many of you will know not only are are parents and children really interested in hockey but we happen to employ the Canucks Greatest Fan too.     Our infant staff Sandy P is literally the biggest Canucks Fan I know. 

When I come in before 7:30am and Sandy is opening she has sports radio playing.  On her lunch break she catches up on all the stats, news etc.... There is nothing she does not know about her team!!

This passion is part of what makes Sandy a great Early Childhood Educator.  She has a point of connection with so many of the Dad's and many a hockey debate is had at pick up and drop off.  

Dad's can sometimes find themselves feeling a little out of place at a child care centre where all the staff are women....... and sometimes they are new to the parenting role and feeling a bit out of their comfort zone, and some are doing a double drop off (that's 2 children in 2 rooms in under 20 minutes - we take our hats off to you!)....... so being able to have a bit of hockey chat certainly eases the transition.

Today Sandy is a bundle of nerves as the playoffs start but she is boldly wearing her Canucks gear and has put up the poster from today's paper on the front door of the Infant room.  She also took a bit of ribbing from parents who enjoyed pushing her buttons today but fortunately she is one of the most good natured people I know.

Thanks Sandy P for being the SRCC's very own Hockey Queen!!

Go Canucks Go!!!