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Friday, 24 June 2011

Art Auction

The Art Auction is drawing closer and as always I am profoundly in awe of the work the children and their teachers have created together.  Our staff are so skilled in guiding children in the creative process.  This year they have pushed their creative boundaries and the results are amazing. 

There are also some AMAZING items that have been donated to the Silent Auction...... tickets, gift certificates, Canucks merchandise, BC Lions gear...... gift baskets...... I know I am going to be bidding!!

Local artists Jodie Blaney and Karen Lorena Parker have also, once again, donated to our cause and I am so looking forward to seeing their pieces.  My husband and I bought 2 of Jodie's paintings on auction last year.... and we LOVE them!

As always ticket sales are slow and its hard not be disappointed about that as this is the only big fundraiser we do and the staff and Committee put in so much effort.....  Hopefully we'll see a surge in the last few days.
Scroll down a couple posts for updated photos of the art. Here is a small selection.......