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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Making Friends with Leaves

I spent a delightful morning At Terra Nova Children's Centre. 

Officially I was there to observe an ECE Practicum student but I got so involved with the children and their play and art.  I ended up having a great time in conversation with our artists and scientists.

Thanks to my student for presenting a great activity and to the children for their boundless curiosity and creativity.
Beautiful presentation of leaves for exploration
Matching green leaves to green paint chips takes careful observation

An unexpected moment of wonder when light refracted through the magnifying glass

Taking the work seriously and with deep concentration

One child chose to sort all the leaves on the art table

Beautiful art presentation

A carefully constructed art installation

This child made her own leaf....she cut it out herself

She really wanted me to see the lines of the leaf

Art and science collided for a wonderful, peaceful morning of discovery.