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Friday, 13 June 2014


One of the things I learned in London Ontario at the Leadership Institute was that I had mistakenly let my focus slip.

I had become almost completely focused on the operational side of running this organisation. There is, of course, much to keep my focus there.  It is busy and important "stuff".

But I have come to the conclusion that unless my focus is ALWAYS on the pedagogical work then I am off course.

I believe SO deeply in the work we do with children, I believe deeply that the people we hire can do the work with excellence, that our physical spaces reflect our vision and values..... BUT I don't always have this pedagogical work at the top of my mind and decision making.

I want that to change.

This week I went to visit one of our centres.

 I took note of the work.

The work the children were doing.

The work the educators were doing.

It was a great to notice, to see,  to be reminded that I do my work so this work can happen with joy and authenticity and purpose.

So thank you to this very intent 3 year old who so carefully painted each brick with water, who showed her dexterity and patience and curiosity.... who showed me again the "why" of my job.

And that 3 year olds are amazing people.