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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Food Glorious Food

One of the ways we fulfill our vision "Changing the world by Honouring Childhood" is to nourish the children's bodies with good food.

It turns out there is no "Good Snack Fairy" who delivers food.....and makes wholesome snack!

We want our Educators in the classroom doing the work with children and not in grocery stores so we have been trying to find a new and efficient way to do this.

We did try an organic delivery service but it did not offer sufficient choice in the nut free products we have to have ......and it was very costly.

After trying some other options, like me doing all the groceries on my own....pushing 4 buggies around Superstore....(which was highly inefficiency although quite comedic for anyone watching me run up and down the aisles)... we linked up with the new City Market on No 5 Rd and Steveston Hwy who offer a large local and organic line as well as an excellent and comprehensive nut free product line.

Not only that but they assign us a product consultant who gets our lists ahead of time and by the time we arrive at the store many of the products are already in buggies.

This makes Jennifer and I VERY happy.

I like playing food tetris to get all the food into the buggy......the shopping lists are very long!

The staff at City Market could not be more helpful.....they dedicate two check outs to us, with baggers and packers and they help us to our cars, all with cheerfulness!

By coincidence Jennifer and I have matching Mazda 5's and we fill them to the roof and then head off to deliver the groceries to the centres.

We have this process down to 2 hours once a month now thanks to City Markets help!  And we are back on budget!  If you are in their neighbourhood be sure to stop by City Market..... you'll be glad you did.

So what happens to that food when it arrives in centre you may ask....well... we bake and make snacks of course.

In mid December I issued a challenge to all our programs to come up with THE  MOST CREATIVE snack.

I made it a competition.  With prizes.  Prizes that involve food.

I have been amazed and delighted to see some of the creations made and even more to see how Educators used snack time for so much more than just feeding the children.

Stay tuned later this week for photos of some fantastic snacks and I will announce the winners!