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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Teaching and Students

I don't teach math like this :)
Last night I started a new semester of teaching in the the Delta/Richmond Continuing Education Program.

I teach Early Childhood Education students.

I teach first year students a course called "Learning Child" and second year students a course called "Math, Science and Social Studies".

Why do I teach?

I teach to stay current on best ECE practice.  There is so much new research on brain development, on innovative teaching methods, creative ways to engage children, studies from across the world.  Teaching gives me lots of opportunity to delve into some good research and reading.  I share that information with my colleagues in the SRCC too (I think sometimes they find it over-sharing ;)

I teach to get to know the next graduating class of Educators in our area.  As I develop relationships with these folks over the two years, see them grow and develop in their thinking and practice  I am always on the look out for great Educators to join the SRCC team.

I teach because we get to have some of these students come into our centres as practicum students.  This allows me to work alongside a regular SRCC staff member to mentor and guide the student.  It gets me out of my office, connects me with our staff, allows me to see the SRCC in action.  Hosting practicum students is an important way the SRCC contributes to the wider field.  I hope you will make them feel welcome when you see them in our centres.

I teach because it aligns with my values to give back to the ECE field.  To do my small part in mentoring and growing great Educators to work with the young children in our field.

So sometimes on a dark and foggy night after a long day at my desk teaching for three hours seems like a big task but more often than not I come away energized and inspired and recommitted to this important work we do.